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About Emma (she/her)

Emma attended her first ever Yoga class after an ill-advised meal of fish ‘n’ chips. Unwittingly, she had walked in to an Ashtanga class which was physically demanding. Luckily, she had a kind and compassionate teacher who facilitated her practice despite her obesity, bad back and poor posture.

The rest is history!

Emma is passionate about providing Yoga practice for everybody, particularly the stiff, inflexible, stressed and people with health issues. Yoga has been the number one tool in transforming Emma’s life so she wants to help as many people as possible feel a little happier and realise their dreams.

Emma has a holistic approach to her teaching, incorporating the 8 limbs of Yoga and using the original, beautiful language of Yoga Sankrit throughout her classes in an accessible way. She draws on the traditional Yogic texts in her teaching, namely The Yoga Sutras, The Hatha Yoga Pradipika and The Upanishads as well as her own life experiences. The natural world inspires her and she is visual- using images and the nuances of animal and landscape to reinforce the interconnectedness of all things.

Continued self -development is at the heart of Emma’s teaching- always innovative she shares everything she continues to learn with her students whether they be seasoned Ashtangis or the walking wounded. She believes strongly in the words of Krishnamachariya, ‘If you can breathe, you can do yoga’! As such all are welcome and catered for in Emma’s varied and colourful classes.

Emma has featured in Britain’s best -selling national Yoga magazine, OM Yoga Magazine and is a regular contributor to BWY Spectrum Magazine having featured on the cover several times as well as featured sequences and articles. She has written articles on race, grief and lockdown in online magazine Yoga Now. 

Emma teaches classes, workshops, retreats both domestic and internationally. She has a YouTube channel EmmaLiveYoga with a range of playlists which equip the mind, body and soul for the challenges of every day life. With classes ranging from ten to sixty minutes there really is something for everybody.


Emma’s Training

  • BWY Foundation Level 1, 60 hours with Lesley Wood.
  • BWY Teaching Diploma Level 4, 500+ hours with Maureen McCarthy and Terri Hilder.
  • Certificate in the Foundations and Teaching of Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series, 40 hour immersion course with David Swenson.
  • Certificate in Sadhana Chi, 10 hour course with Doug Swenson.
  • European Academy of Ashtanga Yoga Manju Patabhi Jois’ Teacher Training course in the Primary series, 20 hour immersion.
  • Total Yoga Nidra Foundation Immersion, 10 hour course with Dr Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Yoga Nidra Network.
  • 60 Hour PCI- Accredited Yoga4Health Professional Training with Yoga in Healthcare Alliance with Paul Fox and Heather Mason, certified to teach the 10 week Yoga4Health Protocol
  • Embodying the Flow: Prana Vinyasa and The Art of Namaskar with Allesandra Pecorella, 12 hour Module 1 Immersion, Aditya School, Yoga Campus.
  • Yin and Meridian course (Lung/ Heart Meridians) with Norman Blair and Kate Henley, 12 hour module, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education.
  • Yin and Meridian course (Kidney/ Bladder Meridians) with Norman Blair and Kate Henley, 12 hour module, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education.
  • Yin and Meridian course (Liver and Gall Bladder) with Norman Blair and Kate Henley, 12 hour module, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education.
  • Advanced Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Norman Blair, 60 hours, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education.