'Hymns from the Sisters'

This collection vividly captures the voices of the Brontë sisters with accents of period detail and the sweeping, bleak landscape which informed their lives and writing. Conally-Barklem's evocative writing transports the reader to a time of tallow candles and sealing wax where the timeless unfolding of the human condition occurs in the fragile frames of the exceptional Brontës.

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Hymns from the Sisters


The lives and works of Charlotte, Emily and Anne are captured in animal, mineral, lost love & sea breeze in this moving paeon to the Brontë sisters and their legacy.

“A profoundly insightful poetic response to the world and work of the Brontës. Conally-Barklem’s singular voice echoes as a sister poet, also cut from Thornton cloth.”
 Sharon Wright, author of #1 Amazon bestseller 'The Mother of the Brontës'
Hymns From The Sisters' is a stunning collection. Each poem pulses with its own particular energy and verve, contributing towards a collective effect that is simply spellbinding. These poems are called hymns for a reason: there is a power in placing individual voices alongside each other, allowing them to resonate. Emma Conally-Barklem takes museum exhibits - Anne Brontë's blood-flecked handkerchief, Charlotte's exotic moccasins, a necklace made from Emily's hair - and conjures them to life, digging beneath their surface to tell stories of sisterly connection and despair, missed opportunities for love, loss and grief.
 Emily Devane, Writer, editor and teacher at Moor Words, Ilkley
“ Conally-Barklem's collection overflows with tenderness for the Brontë family, her knowledge of their lives and works, and her own experience of being inspired by this remarkable family. If a hymn is a form of thanksgiving and a poem is the expression of feelings, the two combine in this collection to produce a beautiful, moving sometimes quirky love song to one woman's relationship and journey with those brillian Brontës. Reader, I loved it.
– Nicola Friar, author of 'A Tale of Two Glass Towns', Brontë blogger, author and editor
“ Hymns from the Sisters' by Emma Conally-Barklem is a moving and heartfelt collection of poetry that admirably encapsulates the lives of the Brontë sisters based on places, objects and events. With a keen eye for detail and a profound understanding of her subjects, Conally-Barklem has created a work that honours the sisters' legacy while offering readers a fresh perspective on their lives. If you are a fan of the Brontës or appreciate beautifully crafted verse, this book is a must-read.
– Kate Benson, Brontë Sisters UK online shop

Emma’s collection of poetry demonstrates a real affinity for and knowledge of the Brontë siblings. The ghosts of the sisters evidently run deep in Emma’s blood and there is a beautiful rhythm to her carefully chosen words.

Profound thoughts with intense meaning take the reader back in time and into the Brontës’ world. You can almost smell the earth and fire smoke, hear the peeling of potatoes and Emily’s coughs, feel Anne’s hair and the skin of Charlotte’s moccasins, and see the blots of ink and sealing wax.

Hymns from the Sisters is an insightful collection of contemporary poetry. It’s the sort of poetry that you can delve into when modern times get too much, when you wish to be transported to another time and place, a different age and world.

–  Gemma Greenhalgh, Brontë Plaques