Born in Bradford, I grew up in a close-knit working class family environment where everybody lived nearby. I experienced my first major loss in 2012 of my beloved grandma who was like a second mum to me. This led to me retraining in yoga (I'd been a lecturer in English  Literature) and evaluating how I chose to live my life. The death of my mother in 2018 had a devastating effect on me but I buried it and tried to run away from the pain. I didn't actually face the impact of this loss until two years later during the pandemic. This led to much writing, therapy and a period of personal growth. Most recently, my father died suddenly and unexpectedly in 2023. I am now navigating the loss of both parents through my work and  throughout my life.

Lodged In My Throat

Please See Me is an online literary journal which seeks to elevate the voices of vulnerable members of society and those who care for them.

This poem was written about Emma's initial experiences of Inner Child work during therapy sessions and raises the importance of talking therapies for good mental health.

It is published in Issue 9, Winter edition of the journal alongside other poetry, writing, art and photography.


white cabbage butterfly Morpho polyphemus

Project Conversation

Kasia Borowczak @project.conversation hosts global conversations translated into multiple languages about death, dying, losing loved ones, and about the emotions and loneliness that accompany this process. In this transcript Kasia asked Emma @emmaliveyoga about her grief journey, how yoga is helped in the grieving process and about the significance of her cultural and religious background in this process.

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National Cancer Survivors Month

Thank you so much to Heather and the team @carolslightorg for sharing my story @emmaliveyoga as part of National Cancer Survivors Month.

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Grief Through the Matrix of Yoga

This article @a.little.insight considers the eight limbs of yoga holistically in relation to bereavement, coping strategies and an exploration of how grief is a non-linear process.

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Motherlove Project

Here is my latest @emmaliveyoga collaboration with @motherloveproject who share the grief stories of people from around the world who have lost their mothers.

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'Breathing Healed My Heart'

UK Number 1 selling spiritual Spirit and Destiny Magazine (April 2021)

This article details my journey into grief after the death of my mum in 2018 and how the 8 limb path of Yoga has helped my grieving process.

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You Can’t Hug a Butterfly: Loss, Love, Grief and Yoga

Published in BWY Yoga Now (September 2020)

This online magazine features an extract from my book which has the working title:

You Can’t Hug a Butterfly: Loss, Love, Grief and Yoga

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This article begins with evocations of the natural world and the healing balm the natural world provides.

Emma candidly describes her Type A personality which struggles with slowing down and any notions of rest. Her devastating loss inevitable led to the the need to reflect and rest; Yin Yoga became a natural counterbalance to her Ashtanga daily practice.

There is a creative and detailed illustrated lesson plan of quieting Yin moves which Emma shares with the readers of Spectrum Magazine.



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