Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, all  face to face teaching has been suspended.

Emma is now running LIVE ONLINE CLASSES.

Please go to ‘Classes’ to see the new Online Class Timetable.

BWY Yoga Now September 2020

This online magazine features an extract from my book which has the working title:

You Can’t Hug a Butterfly: Loss, Love, Grief and Yoga

BWY Spectrum Summer 2020

I have featured articles on ‘Lockdown’ and a ‘Personal Power’ sequence in BWY Spectrum Summer 2020- see link below and how to purchase a copy.

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My article on the murder of George Floyd and ‘Black Lives Matter’ called ‘The Fragile Soul’  is featured In the online magazine ‘Yoga Now’ July 2020-see link below.

BWY “Yoga Now”July 2020


OmYoga and Lifestyle Magazine 2020

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Emma is featured in the February 2020 edition of Britain’s leading OmYoga national magazine with her latest Accessible Ashtanga Sequence as a healing tool to promote good health through the generation of Prana and self-acceptance.

The magazine can be purchased in any newsagent in the country.



BWY Magazine Autumn  Edition 2019

Emma is featured in the Autumn 2019 edition with her Yin Yoga to Stretch and Unfurl sequence. In her article she writes about Yin, loss and the healing process.

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BWY Magazine Summer Edition 2019

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“Breath Deeply, stay happy!” by Emma Conally-Barklem
Accessible Ashtanga
Ashtanga Yoga puts us in touch with the healing powers of the breath: as such, Emma Conally-Barklem is a passionate advocate of Ashtanga Yoga for everybody, whatever body you are in!”





BWY Magazine Summer Edition 2018

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“Highlights included in this edition…
Summer’s cover star is Yorkshire’s modified-ashtanga ambassador, Emma Conally-Barklem. Journalist Kelly Anne Pipes reports on Emma’s empowering ashtanga classes, peppered with modifications and invitations to step back from inaccessible asanas…”



EmmaLiveYoga ONLINE classes

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Practise with Emma from the comfort of your own home!

These accessible classes are designed to encourage a regular practice whether it be Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin or Restorative Yoga. You can subscribe to Emma’s Yoga classes and keep up to date with the latest videos as an aid to your own practice. Breathe, smile and enjoy your Yoga!