Emma's publications are about issues concerning the Grief and the Death Taboo and Yoga for Social Justice. She has written articles, poems and posts on contemporary issues such as Race, Discrimination and BLM, the Grieving Process, Bereavement and Society, the 8 Limbs of Yoga Philosophy in relation to everyday life, Power, privilege and class as well as her two focus points in Yoga: Accessible Ashtanga and Yoga for Grief.

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12 Month Yoga Feature in Spirit & Destiny Magazine

UK Number 1 selling spiritual Spirit and Destiny Magazine (Jan - Dec 2022)

We are super excited to have a 12 month feature in the UK's number one best-selling spiritual magazine 'Spirit & Destiny'. It is available in both print and digital media. Do visit @spiritanddestinymagazine for more subscription details.

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BWY Spectrum Spring 2022

Emma offers support and advice to those who have experienced mother loss 'If You Are Grieving this Mother's Day' in BWY Spectrum Spring 2022 edition.


OmYoga and Lifestyle Magazine 2021

Emma is featured in the August 2021 edition of Britain's leading Om Yoga & Lifestyle national magazine with her article Tap Into Your Innate Happiness . This article explores the confluence of Patanjali's 8 limbs of Yoga as described in The Yoga Sutras with every day life, suggesting that happiness can only be found in the present and not in the distant past or hypothetical future. Emma writes in her usual down to earth and relatable style for yogis living in the real world.

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'Breathing Healed My Heart'

UK Number 1 selling spiritual Spirit and Destiny Magazine (April 2021)

This article details my journey into grief after the death of my mum in 2018 and how the 8 limb path of Yoga has helped my grieving process.

BWY Spectrum Summer 2020

I have featured articles on 'Lockdown' and a 'Personal Power' sequence in BWY Spectrum Summer 2020 - see link below and how to purchase a copy.



OmYoga and Lifestyle Magazine 2020

Emma is featured in the February 2020 edition of Britain's leading OmYoga national magazine with her latest Accessible Ashtanga Sequence as a healing tool to promote good health through the generation of Prana and self-acceptance.

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BWY Magazine Autumn Edition 2019

Emma is featured in the Autumn 2019 edition with her Yin Yoga to Stretch and Unfurl sequence. In her article she writes about Yin, loss and the healing process.



BWY Magazine Summer Edition 2019

"Breath Deeply, stay happy!" by Emma Conally-Barklem
Accessible Ashtanga

Ashtanga Yoga puts us in touch with the healing powers of the breath: as such, Emma Conally-Barklem is a passionate advocate of Ashtanga Yoga for everybody, whatever body you are in!"


BWY Magazine Summer Edition 2018

"Highlights included in this edition...

Summer's cover star is Yorkshire’s modified-ashtanga ambassador, Emma Conally-Barklem. Journalist Kelly Anne Pipes reports on Emma's empowering ashtanga classes, peppered with modifications and invitations to step back from inaccessible asanas..."



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