Emma is writing a book on Yoga, Loss, Love and Grief after the death of her dearly loved mum two years ago. It has the working title, ‘You Can’t Hug a Butterfly’.

She is offering free talks, readings and guided breathing sessions to Cruse and other bereavement charity volunteers and clients via Zoom.

Do get in touch if you would like to set up a session for a group or on an individual basis.

These sessions incorporate yoga philosophy around death, the 8 limbs of yoga, contemporary grief management in society, pitfalls, facilitating grief through yoga and the importance of self-care.

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'Breathing Healed My Heart'

UK Number 1 selling spiritual Spirit and Destiny Magazine (April 2021)

This article details my journey into grief after the death of my mum in 2018 and how the 8 limb path of Yoga has helped my grieving process.

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You Can’t Hug a Butterfly: Loss, Love, Grief and Yoga

Published in BWY Yoga Now (September 2020)

This online magazine features an extract from my book which has the working title:

You Can’t Hug a Butterfly: Loss, Love, Grief and Yoga

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This article begins with evocations of the natural world and the healing balm the natural world provides.

Emma candidly describes her Type A personality which struggles with slowing down and any notions of rest. Her devastating loss inevitable led to the the need to reflect and rest; Yin Yoga became a natural counterbalance to her Ashtanga daily practice.

There is a creative and detailed illustrated lesson plan of quieting Yin moves which Emma shares with the readers of Spectrum Magazine.



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