These short accessible yoga for grief videos will encourage a healthy grieving process. Yoga is a powerful tool in managing grief and the grieving process. With a focus on the breath it helps you to process emotions such as sadness, anger and helps to heal the heart.

Yoga for Grief - Breath and Movement

This gentle class encourages us to sit with emotions which arise from the grieving process. It comprises of two simple pranayama or breathing exercises which helped me to get through the early stages of grief as well as some gentle stretches to bring ease and relief to the body and mind. Grieving is painful but Yoga helps.

Yoga for grief - anger

Yoga for Grief - Dealing with Anger

This short accessible class allows space for the acknowledging and processing of anger, a natural emotion common to the grieving process. The practice centres around fiery, cleansing breath exercises with sound, a useful outlet for anger and the sorrow which can lay beneath it.

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Yoga for Grief - Denial

This short class focuses on the state of denial and shock which can arise when a loved one dies. The mat is the place for processing and honouring these arising states with its focus on the present moment of what is. We breathe, we release and we accept the healthy unfolding of the grief process.

Yoga for Gratitude

This class encourages you to connect with the inner feelings of thankfulness and gratitude by opening the channel of the heart space with gentle backbends and opening sequences. Cultivating a daily gratitude practice helps us to maintain a positive outlook and be appreciative of what we have.

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